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Big Things Coming to! (Finally!)

April 7, 2011 Comments off

The team is slowly but surely assembling. It looks like TheAgentX has returned from his long slumber, and the addition of TheCoopster and Bujungo to our stable of writers/podcasters/etc will do wonders for content.

Long story short, stay tuned to the ByteGamer News Bite, Wednesdays at 9PM CST on and live in the University of Missouri-St. Louis Millennium Student Center!

With summer comes slightly more free time, which means updates and tweaks to the ByteGamer site. Finally, finally, we’re gonna be a real community!


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The News Bite, 8.11.10

August 11, 2010 Comments off

Netflix soon to get bigger, badder, and more powerful:

Atari founder says he was “stupid” to sell the company

Oh man EVE Online has some epic stories:

Ubisoft’s RUSE drops crappy DRM for Steamworks:

Valve + DOTA = Awesome?

No sign language for Kniect, sadly:

Halo 2 maps reborn as Reach maps:

Arkham Asylum sequel named Arkham City:

Neversoft lost their souls over GH franchise:

Infinity Ward will be back, baby:–181083.phtml

PowerGig team dumps bundle of plastic guitar controllers into volcano:

PvZ leads to prison escape:

Bizarre MW2 glitch makes some LIVE arcade games free?

Double Fine’s next game is…a Hallowwen RPG?

SC2 is going to have some AMAZING mods:–ac130k-+-ruins

Beacon, NY: Play in an arcade, get fined:

Tetris now has an Official World Champion:

Billy Mitchell is a giant bag of…

New Borderlands DLC:

TF2 updates coming “soonish”:

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The News Bite, 8.04.10

August 5, 2010 Comments off

CLICK HERE to see the recording of the show!

Halo: The Fall of Reach in stores yesterday:

Ragequit in Halo: Reach? Good luck.

Halo: Reach achievements revealed:

Bungie to give visual flair for original Halo CE PC owners:

Microsoft successfully beats back stupid lawsuit:

Metroid: Other M to include cinematic version:

Pokemon Company rebrands its Pokemon leagues to Play! Pokemon:

Seriously, a book by “the authors of Wikipedia”?

This is why Facebook games suck (and I hate you):

Torchlight II arrives Spring 2011:

Civ 5 Day!

Sid Meier’s Civ: The Board Game looks great, I’ll never play it:

Speaking of Fantasy Flight games…


Game Cafe Robbed Yet Gamers Fight Back

Drugs and video games don’t mix:

So speaking of StarCraft II…

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The News Bite, 7.28.10

July 28, 2010 Comments off

Plants vs. Zombies nixes Thriller zombie

Stop complaining about content, morons:
Oh, Valve:
Full roster of Marvel vs Capcom 3 revealed? No way, Josebot.
Speaking of Capcom…
Gamestop buys Kongregate, goodbye individuality:
DC Universe Online
LEGO Universe getting a CCG
Latios and Latias soon available in US:
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The News Bite: The Summer Show #1

June 9, 2010 Comments off

Well, tonight’s radio show went off pretty well, I’d say. We’ll have a downloadable mp3 of the show later on.

For now, enjoy the links and picture:

Cliffy B talks about ‘tabloid’ videogame journalism

Amazing Mortal Kombat video is amazing:

but not real:


Portal 2 delayed till 2011:

So is Max Payne:

PowerGig news:



TF2 headed to Mac tomorrow:

TellTale bringing back the 80s, 90s–again:

Will FrontierVille get me to play a Zynga game? No.

Hulu to Xbox, iPad?

So when did someone decide to make my dreams come true?
and HBO’s A Song of Ice and Fire

iPhone 4: Old news?

Speaking of Apple…

Did I scoop Kotaku? Almost.

I took this last year at the 2009 Nationals in St. Louis, Mo.

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