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News Bite, 4-13-11

April 14, 2011 Comments off


A New Idea in Zombie Video games:!5790854/the-best-new-idea-in-zombie-video-games-lurches-through-resident-evil-operation-raccoon-city

Bloodiest LOTR game ever? Yes please!!5791611/this-is-the-bloodiest-lord-of-the-rings-game-ever

THIS WEEK IN VIDEOGAME VIOLENCE:!5791400/did-you-know-in-brazil-you-score-points-for-killing-children-in-grand-theft-auto-spoiler-you-dont

Sued PS hacker settles with Sony, boycotts them:!5790814/playstation-hacker-geohot-settles-with-sony-computer-entertainment-america!5791548/sued-ps3-hacker-says-hell-never-buy-a-sony-product-again

About time for the Halo Hype to return:!5791599/halo-hype-train-brings-us-the-mona-lisa-a-flood-pet-and-something-in-august

Sleep well, you Prince of Men:!5790999/the-creator-of-the-video-game-cartridge-has-died

Could you get to 85 in WoW…without killing anything?!5790686/could-you-finish-world-of-warcraft-without-killing-anything

Why can’t we be evil? (In Pokemon, that is):!5790729/why-we-cant-be-pokmon-bad-guys

It’s a trap! No, really:!5791493/this-might-be-the-best-pirate-trap-weve-ever-seen

Why wasn’t this in the first Dead Rising 2?!5790842/frank-west-regains-the-lead-role-in-dead-rising-2-off-the-record-a-surprising-remake

3DS’ OoT remake gets a release date:!5791171/the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-3d-gets-a-release-date

and StarFox 64 3D is out on July 14th.

So that’s how Marvel’s “Secret Wars” got started (and its name):!5790935/the-ridiculous-way-one-of-the-1980s-biggest-comic-events-was-named

Really, there needs to be a category for Game Music at the Grammys:!5790434/category-shuffle-improves-video-game-composers-shot-at-grammy

Taking Cosplay too far: elf ears?!5789879/taking-the-cosplay-too-far-surgically-altered-elf-ears

That’s…a lot of gold being farmed:!5790683/wow-there-are-a-lot-of-gold-farmers-out-there

Oh Jack Tretton, just keep your mouth shut:!5790338/sony-bigwig-trash-talks-3ds-and-hurts-our-feelings

This, is utterly awesome:!5790395/youve-never-heard-a-game-boy-make-music-like-this-before

Interesting? Yes. True? Sadly, also yes:!5790391/study-of-1980s-gamers-finds-them-less-likely-to-be-college-graduates

Was the father of the Gameboy killed by the Yakuza?!5789740/why-gamings-most-tragic-conspiracy-is-bullshit

The triumphant return of the Commodore 64:

Valve Stuff:

Pokemon Global Link now LIVE:

Humble Frozenbyte Bundle: Support a good cause!

Amazon Kindle, now with annoying ads:

Blizzcon tickets to go on sale in late May:

Ninty’s Second Quarter lineup reveals…another Wii Play game:

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The News Bite, 4-6-11

April 7, 2011 1 comment
Surprise! Gamestop takeover of Impulse not a joke:
Valve and ARGS are like Potatos and Baked….wait…
SEGA teasing something big for tomorrow’s Sonic Birthday:
Sweet: Buy DAII, get ME2 (+ Cerberus network!) FREE:
LEGO Portal Turret? I don’t hate you:
Banned 35 times? Dude, get a life. Or a legit 360.
Get sued, my lord!
So like, can you catch them? Or is it just Mario Teaches Typing 2.0?
Oh man, I had one of these!
Metacritic wises up and gets rid of Developer Ratings:
Michael Vick has “served his time”, but the dogs he murdered are dead forever:
DAII writers can’t please anyone, apparently:
Penny Arcade one-off to become boardgame:
Hardcore dice are radical:
XBLIG hit by ratings manipulations:
TF2 Japan Relief Hats raise a crapton of money:
Battlefield Bad Company 2…the Tabletop game?!
Can a hacker really be that clueless?
Felicia Day: Hot, Not, but definitely Twitterriffic:
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The News Bite, 3-23-11

March 23, 2011 Comments off


Runic Games decides to pass on subscription fees for Torchlight MMO:
Hacker who stole $300k from Zynga sentenced:
Speaking of Zynga, ohgodenglishfarmville:
Ultraviolent School Shooter mod pulled from ModDB:
Steam adding lots of goodies:
Wait, Minesweeper is a competitive sport?
Pokemon Global Link site delayed for foreseeable future, is fine:
Nintendo doesn’t want “garage developers”:
Why did Nintendo drop the “game boy” moniker?
PS3 hacker has fled to South America, likely with all your donations:
Famitsu reveals Resident Evil Revival: remastered versions of RE4 and Code:V:
All he is saying, is give Star Wars a chance:
I agree! Now I wish EA and Activision did:
Clash of the (digital) Titans: The Emperors of Kong:
Convicted dog killer might be on the cover of Madden ’12:
MIT takes trolling to a new level!
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The News Bite, 3-16-11

March 16, 2011 Comments off

Open with disclaimer about Japan earthquake/tsunami and regards!

THIS WEEK IN VIDEOGAME VIOLENCE:!5782708/game-boy-puts-the-bomb-in-school-bus-bomb-scare


The Innanets goes gaga for Little Zangief:!5781702/the-ultimate-anti+bullying-psa-kid-fights-back-with-devastating-body-slam!5782089/revenge-of-the-bullied-casey-becomes-an-icon

Player vs Player in Dark Souls seems like murderous fun!5781915/you-are-going-to-be-responsible-for-making-dark-souls-even-harder

WB’s AU Mortal Kombat appeal doesn’t work:

Disasters, celebrities and death rumors:!5781589/the-death-rumors-that-plague-pokmon

Listen up, bronies:!5781325/stop-what-you-are-doing-and-watch-this-my-little-pony-video-right-now

Call of Juaraz, sure…but what about narcocorridos?!5781299/call-of-juarez-the-cartel-creators-argue-their-first+person-shooter-is-no-celebration-of-the-mexican-drug-war

And I just hit the average….ugh:!5780902/xbox-lives-achievement-numbers-are-slightly-terrifying

This is why interconnectedness is a BAD thing, mkay?!5781198/player-banned-from-dragon-age-ii-for-calling-ea-the-devil-a-glitch

Valve doin’ that comic thing again, possibly:!5781121/valve-plans-to-bridge-portal-and-portal-2-with-a-surprise-keep-gordon-freeman-out-of-it

The creator of the Masuda Method still hasn’t caught them all:!5780945/just-because-he-made-pokmon-black-and-white-doesnt-mean-he-caught-them-all

I wish my life had a HUD:!5780932/life-is-the-rpg-that-ends-with-you-die-so-how-about-earning-points-and-tracking-it

Controversy! And why no one should care:!5782097/dragon-age-ii-dev-rates-his-own-game-on-metacritic-ea-bets-obama-voted-for-himself-too

Oh, UBISOFT:!5782011/ubisoft-did-not-get-the-memo-that-guitar-hero-was-dead–196510.phtml

EA considers Wii a “legacy platform” like the PS2, hints at possible Wii2:

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The News Bite, 3-9-11

March 9, 2011 Comments off


No new Wii games? Here’s why:

Mario Kart Kreator Justifies the Dreaded Blue Shell:

Nintendo is done messing with software pirates:
Everyone in games journalism owes OMM:
Minecraft Music and its Creator:
Notch says piracy and theft aren’t the same:
How to make Dragon Age II look better:
Is making Final Fantasy a nightmare?
If only American news anchors were this awesome:
LEGO Carcassonne: Awesome, and ‘Spensive:
SCII made some sacrifices for eSports:
SideWinder not dead after all?
Fan requests an awesome version of Call of Duty:
Hardware-based DRM? Think about it!
I wanna work for AU:
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The News Bite, 3-2-11

March 2, 2011 Comments off


Streaming movie trailers in 3D!!5774610/streaming-3d-movie-trailers-coming-to-a-3ds-near-you

Mario coming to 3DS…revamped SMB3?!5774547/of-course-mario-is-coming-to-the-nintendo-3ds

3DSVC getting Game Gear and TG16 games:!5774515/game-gear-and-turbografx-coming-to-nintendos-3ds-e+store

Nintendo teaming with ATT to provide free WIFI hotspots:!5774498/nintendo-teams-with-att-for-more-than-10000-wi+fi-hotspots

3DS will play netflix:!5774468/the-nintendo-3ds-will-play-your-netflix

Next game from Mojang Specifications is…!5772637/the-next-game-from-the-makers-of-minecraft-is

Magicka to get an expansion…in Vietnam?!!5773504/the-most-surprising-fantasy-game-expansion-pack-ever-created

New domain names spark rumors of GTA5:!5771315/rockstars-nutball-domain-names-can-only-mean-grand-theft-auto-v

Doing good has its own rewards:!5773095/charity-is-nice-but-so-are-massive-indie-paychecks

This TLOZ map is amazing:!5773035/a-map-fit-for-the-legend-of-zelda/gallery/1

Panasonic drops plans for its MMO portable:!5773094/panasonic-realises-its-mmo-gaming-handheld-was-a-silly-idea
(but hopefully Razer hasn’t)

Agree/Disagree: ReDead the scariest enemy in gaming?!5769908/video-gamings-most-terrifying-enemy-was-made-bynintendo

Not all social games have to look ridiculous:!5772975/not-all-social-games-have-to-look-like-they-were-made-for-children

A mod that recreates school shootings:!5772830/the-school-shooter-video-game-aims-for-columbine-massacre-simulation

Valve has plans for Steam on your television:!5772480/steam-wants-to-take-over-your-television

Oh, yeah: iPad 2:!5774469/ipad-2-all-the-details

Microsoft kills line of gaming mice, again:

New expansion to SOASE:

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The News Bite, 2-23-11

February 24, 2011 Comments off

As promised, here is the (brief) transcript from tonight’s show!


Mystery Solved: Why the West has to Wait for Pokemon Games:

UBISOFT gives its invasive DRM a little break:
I’m not getting a 3DS on launch day, and neither is all of Australia:
iPad 2 = March 2
If you’re looking for the line, it’s way back there:
Seque into discussion on Dwarf Fortress?
Gaming Addiction is a very real thing:
Official MineCraft app coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android:
Hack whole stole Half-Life 2 in 2003 is “sorry”:
Free promotion is the best kind of promotion:
For the first time, the Mario bros will miss a console’s launch:
Chelle’s new look explained:
Thanks for tuning in!
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