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Big Things Coming to! (Finally!)

April 7, 2011 Comments off

The team is slowly but surely assembling. It looks like TheAgentX has returned from his long slumber, and the addition of TheCoopster and Bujungo to our stable of writers/podcasters/etc will do wonders for content.

Long story short, stay tuned to the ByteGamer News Bite, Wednesdays at 9PM CST on and live in the University of Missouri-St. Louis Millennium Student Center!

With summer comes slightly more free time, which means updates and tweaks to the ByteGamer site. Finally, finally, we’re gonna be a real community!


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E3 ’10: The Explosive Second Day

June 16, 2010 Comments off


Holy Cammy Dunnaway, Batman! Nintendo is back with a vengeance this E3, once again that at least in the portable marketplace, they have no equal. Forget the E3s of years past–this time, Ninty came out swinging!

Sony has dropped the hammer on a few version exclusives, showing Microsoft that they can toss money around too. On top of that, the Playstation Move now not only has a release date, but also a price–unlike MS’s Kinect. The ball’s in your court, Microsoft.

As E3 heads into Wednesday, it looks like Nintendo has won a crucial early victory, with journalists and trade members alike coming away wow’d by the new Nintendo 3Ds.

What else happened today?


  • Other franchises will return with new iterations: Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Nintendogs (Nintendogs + cats), Pilotwings (Pilotwings Resort), and Kid Icarus (Kid Icarus: Uprising).
  • There are a LOT of developers and publishers committed to bringing games to the 3DS. Check out the complete list here. Favorites include Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil.
  • Epic Mickey is…Epic.
  • Perhaps the only bad part of Nintendo’s press conference is that there were barely any games given definite release dates. Oh well! If that’s the only thing to complain¬† about, I’d say Nintendo’s come a loooong way.



  • Kotaku boldly announces that “the bitch is back!” The bitch in question is everyone’s favorite AI Gone Wild, GLaDOS. Portal 2 still isn’t coming till 2011, but hopefully the wait won’t be that hard–and PS3 fans have something to celebrate, because Portal 2 will be coming to their game machine of choice and have integrated Steamworks. That apparently means cross-chat, but not cross-play.

E3 ain’t over, folks! Now that the Big Three have had a chance to speak, it’s the developers and publishers’ time to shine! Shine on, devpubs, shine on!

The rest of the week is sure to hold a plethora of surprises, so make sure to check back here tomorrow night. You can also expect a trailer-filled post later on this week, if not tomorrow.

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E3 ’10: First Day Wrapup

June 15, 2010 Comments off

courtesy google image search

So, what happened at E3 today? Well, for starters, a lot of stuff. But what’s the best of the best–the real need-to-know?


  • Big news: New Xbox360 SKU announced. Features: Slimmer (barely), sleek black design, 250GB HDD, internal Wireless N receiver (no dongle purchase needed), will be more quiet, and have better cooling. Retails for $299 and will be in stores by “this Friday at the earliest and this Saturday at the latest”, according to a Target memo.
  • Oh, right. On top of that, current 360 SKUs will be having a price drop! Sucks for everyone who just bought a 360, eh?
  • New Michael Jackson game–no, not a reboot of Moonwalker. You can dance, sing, and face down molestation accusations while enjoying such classics as Beat It and Billie Jean.
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of classic feel-good-shooter Rez, is back with Child of Eden–Kotaku is calling it “basically Rez for the PS Move and MS Kinect”.

Microsoft had a strong showing today with the Kinect. Will Sony be able to reclaim the motion control thunder with their Playstation Move? Or will the original mo-co king, Nintendo, show off something that blasts both pretenders to the throne into the stratosphere?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap, because tomorrow (this morning, technically!) is host to both Sony and Nintendo’s keynotes and reveals!

And lastly, if you’re looking for a huge, gross list of virtually everything that happened at E3, check out Destructoid’s daily list.

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Redbox Game Rental Kiosks Will Probably Never Come To Missouri

May 28, 2010 Comments off

courtesy: destructoid

It’s no secret that Redbox kiosks are pretty freaking sweet.

They’ve pretty much managed to kill video rental stores (well, Netflix hasn’t helped either), for one thing.

But I mean–new DVDs, a buck a night for a rental? That’s convenience.

Shame I’ll most likely never see Redbox’s latest innovation, the Redbox game rental kiosk.

It’s currently being tested in Reno, Nevada and Wilmington, North Carolina.

Oh, and Orlando, Florida is newly-added to the list. Man, why can’t Missouri ever be a test market for a sweet system like this?

Think about it: you want to play Alan Wake but don’t want to buy it. At $2 a night, if you take 6 nights to beat it (an episode per day), it only cost you $12. Nice.

[via [Joystiq], image via [Destructoid].

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Child’s Play Fundraiser Success

April 26, 2010 Comments off
More like "Fund RAZOR", amirite?
6+ months of dedicated hair and beard growth…

Last week, I and the mobile crew (consisting of me [on the left], fellow News Bite DJ Matt, and my lovely “assistant” Alissa) raised funds at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis’ ‘Mirthday’ celebration.

All the money raised ($50 so far, with more donations still rolling in) is going right to Child’s Play, the Seattle-based charity created by Penny Arcade that uses donations to purchase videogames for sick children in children’s hospitals around the world.

In exchange for donations, I shaved my head at the end of the day in front of a crowd of people.

I went from over six months of hair and beard growing to bald in one afternoon.

It was totally worth it. I had a great time, the crowd had a great time, and some sick kids are going to get some video games out of it.

My head’s cold for some reason…

So bald.

...all gone in under 20 minutes.

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Halo: Reach gets 3 editions: 2 good, 1 overpriced

April 22, 2010 1 comment

I’m not sure what to think about Microsoft’s latest special edition offering.

Announced today, Bungie’s supposed “last hurrah” for the monumental Halo series, Halo: Reach, will come in 3 different varieties:

Regular, Special, and Way Too Much–er, I mean “Legendary”.

Legendary Edition, legendary price: $150

The regular edition is your vanilla version at $59.99.

The Special Edition comes in an “ONI Black Box” packaging at $79.99, and nets you a unique Elite armor style, as well as documents, a patch, and other Halo-flavored goodies.

Commanding an impressive $149.99, the Legendary Edition of halo: Reach has all the perks of the Special Ed., plus a McFarlane-designed statue of Noble Team as well as unique ¬†“Flaming Helmet” armor for your Spartan.

Here’s where I’m conflicted. I like limited editions, and I love the Halo series. Getting the Legendary Ed. seems like a no-brainer.

Two problems: One, the Legendary Ed. of Halo 3 now sells for $59.99. The price dropped rather quickly because of the surplus of games (still!) floating around in retail stores.

Second, the price point. McFarlane makes decent toys, and I’m sure it’s a nice statue, but…Take $80 off of the Legendary Ed.’s price (the Special Ed. is included, after all), and you’re left with $70 worth of statue and flaming helmet.

Plus there’s always the fact that history may repeat itself and retailers will overstock the legendary Edition and end up selling it for a loss in a few months.


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Oh hey, didn’t see you there…

April 19, 2010 Comments off

Again, sorry for all the delay, but it looks like the switch-over to the new ByteGamer server will be taking place this summer. Until then, enjoy this semi-redesign!

Expect regular postings to resume as well.


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