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The News Bite, 4-6-11

April 7, 2011
Surprise! Gamestop takeover of Impulse not a joke:
Valve and ARGS are like Potatos and Baked….wait…
SEGA teasing something big for tomorrow’s Sonic Birthday:
Sweet: Buy DAII, get ME2 (+ Cerberus network!) FREE:
LEGO Portal Turret? I don’t hate you:
Banned 35 times? Dude, get a life. Or a legit 360.
Get sued, my lord!
So like, can you catch them? Or is it just Mario Teaches Typing 2.0?
Oh man, I had one of these!
Metacritic wises up and gets rid of Developer Ratings:
Michael Vick has “served his time”, but the dogs he murdered are dead forever:
DAII writers can’t please anyone, apparently:
Penny Arcade one-off to become boardgame:
Hardcore dice are radical:
XBLIG hit by ratings manipulations:
TF2 Japan Relief Hats raise a crapton of money:
Battlefield Bad Company 2…the Tabletop game?!
Can a hacker really be that clueless?
Felicia Day: Hot, Not, but definitely Twitterriffic:
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