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News Bite, 4-13-11

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A New Idea in Zombie Video games:!5790854/the-best-new-idea-in-zombie-video-games-lurches-through-resident-evil-operation-raccoon-city

Bloodiest LOTR game ever? Yes please!!5791611/this-is-the-bloodiest-lord-of-the-rings-game-ever

THIS WEEK IN VIDEOGAME VIOLENCE:!5791400/did-you-know-in-brazil-you-score-points-for-killing-children-in-grand-theft-auto-spoiler-you-dont

Sued PS hacker settles with Sony, boycotts them:!5790814/playstation-hacker-geohot-settles-with-sony-computer-entertainment-america!5791548/sued-ps3-hacker-says-hell-never-buy-a-sony-product-again

About time for the Halo Hype to return:!5791599/halo-hype-train-brings-us-the-mona-lisa-a-flood-pet-and-something-in-august

Sleep well, you Prince of Men:!5790999/the-creator-of-the-video-game-cartridge-has-died

Could you get to 85 in WoW…without killing anything?!5790686/could-you-finish-world-of-warcraft-without-killing-anything

Why can’t we be evil? (In Pokemon, that is):!5790729/why-we-cant-be-pokmon-bad-guys

It’s a trap! No, really:!5791493/this-might-be-the-best-pirate-trap-weve-ever-seen

Why wasn’t this in the first Dead Rising 2?!5790842/frank-west-regains-the-lead-role-in-dead-rising-2-off-the-record-a-surprising-remake

3DS’ OoT remake gets a release date:!5791171/the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-3d-gets-a-release-date

and StarFox 64 3D is out on July 14th.

So that’s how Marvel’s “Secret Wars” got started (and its name):!5790935/the-ridiculous-way-one-of-the-1980s-biggest-comic-events-was-named

Really, there needs to be a category for Game Music at the Grammys:!5790434/category-shuffle-improves-video-game-composers-shot-at-grammy

Taking Cosplay too far: elf ears?!5789879/taking-the-cosplay-too-far-surgically-altered-elf-ears

That’s…a lot of gold being farmed:!5790683/wow-there-are-a-lot-of-gold-farmers-out-there

Oh Jack Tretton, just keep your mouth shut:!5790338/sony-bigwig-trash-talks-3ds-and-hurts-our-feelings

This, is utterly awesome:!5790395/youve-never-heard-a-game-boy-make-music-like-this-before

Interesting? Yes. True? Sadly, also yes:!5790391/study-of-1980s-gamers-finds-them-less-likely-to-be-college-graduates

Was the father of the Gameboy killed by the Yakuza?!5789740/why-gamings-most-tragic-conspiracy-is-bullshit

The triumphant return of the Commodore 64:

Valve Stuff:

Pokemon Global Link now LIVE:

Humble Frozenbyte Bundle: Support a good cause!

Amazon Kindle, now with annoying ads:

Blizzcon tickets to go on sale in late May:

Ninty’s Second Quarter lineup reveals…another Wii Play game:

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Big Things Coming to! (Finally!)

April 7, 2011 Comments off

The team is slowly but surely assembling. It looks like TheAgentX has returned from his long slumber, and the addition of TheCoopster and Bujungo to our stable of writers/podcasters/etc will do wonders for content.

Long story short, stay tuned to the ByteGamer News Bite, Wednesdays at 9PM CST on and live in the University of Missouri-St. Louis Millennium Student Center!

With summer comes slightly more free time, which means updates and tweaks to the ByteGamer site. Finally, finally, we’re gonna be a real community!


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The News Bite, 4-6-11

April 7, 2011 1 comment
Surprise! Gamestop takeover of Impulse not a joke:
Valve and ARGS are like Potatos and Baked….wait…
SEGA teasing something big for tomorrow’s Sonic Birthday:
Sweet: Buy DAII, get ME2 (+ Cerberus network!) FREE:
LEGO Portal Turret? I don’t hate you:
Banned 35 times? Dude, get a life. Or a legit 360.
Get sued, my lord!
So like, can you catch them? Or is it just Mario Teaches Typing 2.0?
Oh man, I had one of these!
Metacritic wises up and gets rid of Developer Ratings:
Michael Vick has “served his time”, but the dogs he murdered are dead forever:
DAII writers can’t please anyone, apparently:
Penny Arcade one-off to become boardgame:
Hardcore dice are radical:
XBLIG hit by ratings manipulations:
TF2 Japan Relief Hats raise a crapton of money:
Battlefield Bad Company 2…the Tabletop game?!
Can a hacker really be that clueless?
Felicia Day: Hot, Not, but definitely Twitterriffic:
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