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The News Bite, 3-23-11

March 23, 2011


Runic Games decides to pass on subscription fees for Torchlight MMO:
Hacker who stole $300k from Zynga sentenced:
Speaking of Zynga, ohgodenglishfarmville:
Ultraviolent School Shooter mod pulled from ModDB:
Steam adding lots of goodies:
Wait, Minesweeper is a competitive sport?
Pokemon Global Link site delayed for foreseeable future, is fine:
Nintendo doesn’t want “garage developers”:
Why did Nintendo drop the “game boy” moniker?
PS3 hacker has fled to South America, likely with all your donations:
Famitsu reveals Resident Evil Revival: remastered versions of RE4 and Code:V:
All he is saying, is give Star Wars a chance:
I agree! Now I wish EA and Activision did:
Clash of the (digital) Titans: The Emperors of Kong:
Convicted dog killer might be on the cover of Madden ’12:
MIT takes trolling to a new level!
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